Cozy Chaos Farm

A Crafty Place

Welcome to Cozy Chaos Farm! We are a crafty place where you never know if we'll be building a garden bed or spinning wool into yarn. We also offer Farm Sitting Services, where we come out and take care of your animals when you need us. Check out our Services page for more details!

What is Cozy Chaos? It's the feeling you get watching baby goats leaping off of everything around them, including people and other animals. Adorable, Sweet, and Chaotic.

We're just ducky around here!

We're quacking up at the antics of our newest additions! Ancona Ducks have joined our Cozy Chaos family! 

Did you know that Ancona Ducks are on the Watch list with The Livestock Conservancy? There is some controversy over whether this breed started! Originally it was through there were originally from Britain, but further research is showing they were likely started in the United States. 

Anconas are popular not only for their resemblance to Holstein cows, but also due to their easy care and general hardiness. These ducks are excellent for meat, eggs, or as pets. Want to see more about our ducks? Follow our TikTok account for adorable videos and updates!

What the Cluck?




Animal News Coming Soon!

 "There is no better place to lay an egg"

-Delores the Chicken

 "I'll give you something to squawk about!"

-Little Man the Bantam Rooster

 "To bark or not to bark, it's not really a question"

Solstice the Collie

 "Sunshine and a dirt bath. Is there anything better?"

Mercury and Retrograde, Chickens