Farm Sitting Services

Finding quality animal care when you can't be there is tough! We provide the quality care you are looking for. Our decades of experience with animal care, timely efficiency, and attention to detail makes us a popular choice for being there when you can't. 

What can a visit from a Farm Sitter do for you? Anything from providing premade meals, to giving medications and providing behavior updates. Together we will go over what you are looking to have done and what time frame is available. 

A 30 minute visit can look like feeding and watering 6 horses, feeding the barn cats, and prepping the next meal. Or it can look like feeding 2 horses, picking stalls, feeding chickens, pictures of locked stalls, and sweeping the barn aisle.

Here are a list of some services that can be scheduled during a farm sitting visit.

Feeding: Grain, Hay, Kibble, Canned Food, Puzzle Feeders

Medications and Supplements: Mixed in with feed, fed directly, syringe fed, SubQ or IM Injections, or topically

Behavior Updates: Do you have a critter not feeling well? We will provide behavior updates, such as activity level, mobility, poop status, and more.

Water: Top off or dump and fill

Confirmation Photos: No need to worry if doors were locked or snacks were given. We are happy to provide pictures to reassure you!

Scoop the Poop: Stall picking, litter scooping, and more

Turn In/Turn Out: Just opening or closing access, or walking animals to and from enclosures

Blankets and Fly Masks: Placing, removing, checking or adjusting the fit

Restocking: Refilling bins and notifying of low stock

Meal Prep: Prep for one meal or many. Complex meals or simple, we can prep them all!

Grooming: Provide a little love, or getting out mats and mud.

Light Cleaning: Sweeping up rooms or aisles, dusting off eternal dust, or tidying up after a hectic day

Acclimation Training: Getting animals comfortable with halters, petting, handling for health checks, and more

Water Plants: Even plants need some TLC!

Costs per Visit

Initial Meet and Greet: Free

15 minutes: $25

30 minutes: $35

45 minutes: $50

1 hour: $65

1.5 hours: $100

2 hours: $135

Looking to book a classic pet sitting visit for your domestic pet? A 30 minute visit covers providing fresh food and water, scooping litter boxes or a quick potty walk, giving meds, and some love and affection. Adorable pet pics provided per visit as well!

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